TEXT: Psalm 103:5 (Msg Bible)
He renews your youth –you are always young in his presence.

One of man’s greatest nightmares in his picture only 50, 80 or 100 years after as the scary look gives him a cause to deep thought and or actions leading to depression and other psychological traumatic conditions as his best bet would be to revert to early time. This is because the early time is characterized by his youthful vigor and agility and nature seeks to take her toll by allowing for aging process to set in with each passing day on earth hence the statement becomes real that we are sojourners on earth.

In a bid to fight the natural aging process in man, many have been misled to thinking & taking even substances that have left them in far worse conditions as all they want is to be young again. Many have and are going to places unthinkable just to get young again when even those they go to seek for help from have same need and desire for help.

The beauty of this life remains that the manual contains all information to help man and was made available by God to help man in his trying time. You shall be helped by God in Jesus name.

Sometimes, going through wrong roads and counsel may blind one or deny access to the one important road for light to shine. God’s word provides the remedy for the aging process and stated it’s location.

The opening text shares it all as God’s presence it is that makes young and renews ie refuels, re-energises, re-fills you for best of service. This is the secret of the then young born David turned young king and even at an age described as old age still maintained a description of young king at heart that even endeared him to God as his understanding opens us to the reality that God’s presence is where our youth is renewed as David always appeared in God’s presence to praise Elohim and to pray. Glory to God!

Do you want to be always young? Then seek God’s presence as David in Psalm 42:1 and you would attest that God is true to his words. Remember, Joshua and Caleb had this understanding & experience hence remained young years after spying the land of Canaan. The children of Israel living in God’s presence even in wilderness didn’t experience wear & tear but remained always young.

Make this prayer:
Lord! Now I know the truth help me to apply it.

Read these scriptures:
Romans 8:17-18
1st Corinthians 2:27-28

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