BLAZE THE TRAIL (Make The Difference)

You can either be two things: ANYBODY or SOMEBODY
You didn’t get here by chance. God patterned your life to walk in this path. So you are not here to add to the number of people on earth. You’re here on a specific purpose. You’re here to set the pace, to blaze the trail and make a great difference. You’re Gods MASTER PIECE, you were sent here to make things happen. You are here to deploy VALUE and cause a difference. God didn’t just create anybody, He made somebody and He so desires that you fully live out the life He has called you into. God made you a success.

Your life is very unique so not everybody is qualified to come into your space. Determine who you should allow into your life. Treat your life with great value and extreme importance, AUDIT PEOPLE before you COMMIT. Communicate with a deep sense of value. Interact and exchange ideas with excellent minds. Live by a defined set of principles. Set goals as to what you want to get out from life. Don’t live your life to chance.

Develop yourself all round; spiritually, emotionally, academically, financially and every other important domain. Commit to personal development; build and acquire useful skills, be actively committed to learning. Be inspiring. Place great value on TIME, don’t spend your time, invest your time. Be a better version of you each day.

Surround yourself with excellent minds, you are as powerful as the people in your network. Your NETWORK will determine your NETWORTH.
Who are you having conversations with?
Who are the people around you?
Who are those advising you?

Your life is ultimately important. Treat it with supreme importance and value. You were not designed by happenstance. God knew exactly that you were coming and so He made sufficient provision for you.
The future is not a time zone we are all waiting to see and step into. It is all you can do but have not yet done; it is all you can have but have not yet possessed; it is all you can be but have not yet become, PUSH , Birth the Future and Blaze the Trail.


Victor ONYEKERE is a Life Productivity Assistant who is very passionate about helping individuals achieve productivity and increase their value in their chosen path. He ultimately believes that everyone in life was designed to succeed by finding their own space and doing what they were designed to do in life. He assists passionate individuals by helping them plug into their natural resource to unleash their potentials.

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