TEXT: Revelation 3:11 Behold I come quickly, hold fast that which thou hast that no man take thy crown.

Physical cover here refers to such personality or persons  whose presence shields you from hurts, insults and impending danger but sad a thing it is that many today are in this condition as they have lost their physical covers. God will help you!

Friend!, loosing a coin, house, car, documents, time or money can never be equated to loosing a physical cover as by this we mean loosing a type of a caring father, mother, older sibling who has been there whether active or passive in your life to the cold hands of Death. It is important to note that many lives have remained stunted, disorganized and packed owing to the death of a physical cover but that act alone contravenes God’s instruction to be progressive hence it is important to see what happened as only an event known and observed under heaven thus bringing you into such new state of being cared for by God your heavenly father who never fails as Psalm 27:10 says.

Friend, don’t make that grace mistake to loss with your physical cover as this would only compound issues. Put yourself together and hold on to these:

1. God: Your God relationship should not be tenure or weather based. By this I mean you shouldn’t love God only in a season especially where all seems rosy but you should hold on to Him though it all because He promised and fulfils His words to you. Mathew 28:20b.

2. Family:    Everything about you rises and duly sets in family as life begins here and designed to close up with them around you. Therefore, on occasion of the loss of a physical cover, let that experience only bond you more with the family as that can initiate the atmosphere for prayers to scale through trying times ahead. Although, family in the kingdom seems to go beyond more blood relationship hence look out for those of  like minds, relate with them and convert trying times to cheerful times.

3. Vision: Vision is the unfolding of God’s plan for a person. Many have not located or lost their visions due to the loss of a physical cover. Friend, go pick up your vision because it is your real identity and a tool to fill up the gap and maintain the legacy of the lost physical cover only God gives vision and with it comes instruction, revelation, direction and ultimately attention. Prov. 29:18

Getting a vision is getting a life and identity and you need this as your passport to cope in your life’s journey.

Make this prayer:
Father, I refuse to loss with my lost physical cover. I choose rather to succeed in you.

Read these scriptures:
Daniel 11:32-34, Rev 5:3-5.

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