TEXT: Job 32:8
There is a Spirit in man and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth him understanding.

Remember, in the beginning, God made them; both male and female and often refers to them without their gender position hence could use the word “Man” in relation to even the opposite gender, little wonder she was made from even the man and has the “man” as a word ending  the description of her identity as woman. Man made of God is of three dimensions. By this i mean, made of body, soul and spirit.

The body is that part of man needed to freely and naturally relate with things and people on earth as it is the house containing the others which in a way helps the body.

The soul – this is a realm or faculty of relationship with the body on earth as this dictates the pace and direction of body’s activities on earth. Thinking, reasoning amongst others are chief activities and characteristics of the soul realm.

The Spirit – this is unique and that part of man that relates with his maker and in turns translates actions and promptings to the body through the soul although many times not easy to get its way as the soul being closer to the body acts greedily and shortsightedly not having an always open connection with God’s mind as earthly things appeals the soul’s eyes.

They all are important and unique but preferences are paid more to the third which is the Spirit as this rightly fills the gap in the statement the man in you. It’s evident from opening text that the man in you is a spirit as this validates the fact that man is also a Spirit. Haven reached this point in thought, it is ideal to treat nicely your spirit because it is the candle of the Lord and this is what makes for complete control in the earth realm as the body and soul may not lead to the part of God’s voice because they are far from knowing the mind of God hence the spirit bids in the direction to tow.

Dear, no super life is assured with a disconnected Spirit from the God who does super things so your strive in today should be to be in tune with God’s spirit as this is what assures for rest, progress and blessings.

Don’t tow the path of them craving for things that would only be used and short lived on this earth at the expense of their spirit man but be an example in words, deeds and character today. Don’t neglect the man in you as that is what brings your importance to bear in your relationship with people on earth. Your strength in life is relational to the strength of the Man in you.

Make this prayer:
Lord, Grace me today to be and remain connected to your leading.

Read these scriptures: 1st Kings 5: 3-4, Hebrews 11:3.

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